One Week Left to Live

After eating healthier foods, drinking only water and herbal tea, and taking all kinds of supplements and oils, I am on the mend!! In four days I crushed a nasty virus! It is truly amazing when we take good care of our bodies how quickly they respond and heal. God gave us incredible "homes" to live in while here on earth.

I applied this same principal to the emotional me. I asked myself: What if I cut out things in my life that are emotionally toxic to me and I focus on taking better care of my emotions?

Well this is what I tell my clients all the time - You can't give what you don't have, so take good care of you! But do we really take good care of ourselves emotionally? Do we love ourselves? Because we cannot give love to others well if we do not love ourselves well.

Who or what is toxic in your life that is causing you emotional harm? A job you can't stand? The morning traffic jam? The way you speak to yourself or the thoughts rolling around in your head? A friend or loved one?

Setting good boundaries with others begins with setting good boundaries for ourselves.

If this was your last week on earth, would you spend it doing the same things, or would you make changes? What would it take to go ahead and make just one small change today that would improve your emotional life?

Do something small, not big, and build upon it. Large change is more difficult and has a higher chance of failure. For instance, my eye doctor finally gave me the green light to exercise again - after 2 years!!! YEAH! So I started by walking on the treadmill 3 times a week for however long I felt like it. I began with 20 minutes and was flexible with the days so I wouldn't feel stressed. Amazingly I have done it every week (except this sick week) and I walk longer than I intend every time! You might be asking how this helps emotionally, well exercise, sunlight, and eating healthy all improve mood! They are nature's natural anti-depressants!!

When you implement those small changes, let me know what happens!