His Way or My Way

When we disconnect from the Source and rely upon ourselves to determine good or evil, we might look upon something good and call it evil, or we might look upon something evil and call it good. But if we connect back to the Source (Yahweh) to determine the way in which we look at things, then we can see clearly through the intent of the heart.

Allow me an example pertaining to a hot topic - 50 Shades of Grey: For believers, I see nothing in the bible speaking of marriage that says the way we treat our spouse will be based on our underlying fears, insecurities, and perversions. In fact this is why so many couples are in counseling because they are acting from insecurities and fears.  

Honestly, for the believers who have seen this movie and think nothing of it more than a pleasurable, alternative lifestyle, I ask you this: If your Lord and Savior was sitting next to you in the theater, would you watch it? Knowing how He feels that our hearts should be set on all things noble, right, pure and lovely?

I confess I place myself in this category. If my Savior was sitting next to me, I wouldn't watch some TV sitcoms I really like. I wouldn't watch some movies I enjoy. But the thing is, He isn't sitting right next to me. He is closer! He is IN me. My heart is convicted. I need to stop watching certain shows that take my focus off of the things I ought to think on. I've been feeling this way for a week or two, most likely since the FSOG debate began. 

I am the first one to preach - we get what we think on the most. If I truly believe this, and I do, then I must take care of my heart and be cautious of what I allow to enter into its presence. This is not another TO DO list. This is a heart change. Do I care enough about myself to reconnect to the source and ask for His guidance, His way rather than my way and my desires? Do I love myself enough to ask God to change my heart to think on the things from above. Yes, I do. He will perfect this work in me, but your prayers are always coveted.