Are You a Good Receiver?

Life is an endless sea of ebbs and flows. One of the biggest lessons life has to teach us is how to accept gifts from others. When we give, we feel good about it. It warms us inside to know that we've helped. 

But when it comes to the times in life where we could really use some help, small or large, we shy away from asking or accepting it. And if we do accept help from others, we usually feel bad about it. I'm not talking about "the entitled" that think every body else should pay for them. I'm referring to the average Joe or Jane that does their best to make ends meet. Self-reliance is good in many ways, but painful and even deadly in other ways. 

You know how good you feel when you help others? Think of it this way, when you accept help from others, you are making them feel good to be able to give!

So how can self-reliance be bad or even deadly?? When we rely upon our own knowledge, we often wind up frustrated, confused, anxious or depressed because life isn't turning out the way we expected. However, when we rely on God and His knowledge, His way, life becomes peaceful and content.

I may not know how He is going to work everything out and it might not be what I think is best, but I know 100% that His ways are better than mine. That He knows what is best for me before I even have a clue.

Life is so much easier when I step back from my way of doing things and ask God what are His ways? What would He like to do or show me in my life with regards to a  situation? Prayer is powerful BEYOND our ability to understand. We need to be asking for His input. Dying to self daily means asking God's will daily. 

The real lesson here is that until we are good at receiving, we really won't be the best at giving. When we can freely receive, we understand that we all need each other, we are all connected and that the greatest gift of all is right at our fingertips, if we but ask. 

God wants us to ask! He is calling, waiting, wanting to give you His gift of redemption. The greatest gift of all - Jesus.