Satan Is a Liar!!!

Every day I hear the lies that Satan whispers or shouts at clients, friends, and loved ones. When we hear lies over and over again we sometimes come into agreement with them.

Then we make declarations around these lies, such as I will never allow myself to love again, or I'm on my own, or I will never trust again....

Suddenly we are walking through life wounded and attempting to protect ourselves by not embracing the very thing that will allow happiness - vulnerability.

Yes, we can be hurt, but if we don't ever let anyone in, we will also NEVER know love, or truly be understood. Protecting ourselves by blocking out the bad ALSO blocks out the good!

The answer is to raise our Emotional Intelligence (EI) and make better choices of who we let into our inner sanctum of friends and intimate partners.

Raising the EI takes effort just like anything else we determine to learn. We don't live "happily ever after" without learning how to be happy.

We put so much time, energy and money into our careers, our physical activities, hobbies, our cars, houses and vacations...

Give yourself and your family the gift of time, energy and resources into developing your emotional world.

It's so easy these days! Try it. Download a book, watch free videos, read counselor's and pastor's websites, see a counselor online, attend a seminar... There is so much information at our fingertips! Go for it!