Divorce can feel like a long, lonely road. Whether ending a marriage or a long-term relationship with a significant other, time and processing feelings are necessary to heal the wounds. Often what hurts the most is letting go of expectations – the dreams you shared along the way, and the feeling of all the time that has been wasted.

No matter who asked for the divorce, both parties have issues to resolve.


The person who left the relationship first usually has a shorter grieving process, and that makes the other spouse feel even more betrayed, sad and angry.

What that spouse may not understand is that the spouse who asked for the divorce has usually been processing and probably agonizing over whether to leave for several years.

This is why it appears that they are hurting less – they did their hurting along the way.

Counseling can help with the grief and loss of divorce, it can help analyze where things went wrong so different choices can be made in the future, and it can help one find peace where there has been chaos.

Boundaries are a key issue during divorce especially if children are involved.  

Counseling can help you discover healthy boundaries and understand how to voice them. 

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