Here's what a few of Ann's clients, past and present, are saying:

"I am much more aware of what I deserve, of my thoughts, and the power of my thoughts. I don't live in fear any more." Randy in Abilene, Texas

"PSYCH-K® helped me deal with my emotions in an effective manner after a relationship had ended. It kept me focused and gave me the ability to move on." Anonymous in Dallas, Texas

"It's not like me to be overly emotional, but while going through a divorce I was overwhelmed with sadness and confusion and I became suicidal. I don't believe I would have acted on those feelings; however, I just couldn't think of any way to end the pain I was experiencing. I had never felt like that before, so I called and spoke with two professionals and after two hours I still didn't feel any better. After 40 minutes of PSYCH-K® I felt fine! I couldn't believe it! The pain was gone, I didn't feel suicidal any more. I am so grateful for PSYCH-K®!!" Anonymous in Texas 

"The advice that Ann gave me and the work that we did delivered me from the bondage I've been feeling for many years." Brad in Frisco, Texas


What others have told Ann -

Ann worked with two men that told her she saved their marriages. Ann found it a bit strange because they weren't working with marital issues. It's amazing how problems in one area of life can profoundly affect other areas. Everything is interrelated. We cannot compartmentalize life because every dot connects to another!

A female client reported that she cried upon take offs and landings each time she flew on an airplane. Utilizing Energy Psychology Ann released a few trapped emotions and changed one belief. The client was then able to fly to and from her destination without crying! This change process took only 20 minutes!!