The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work

  • Are you thinking about getting engaged?
  • Already engaged and want to ensure your marriage works?
  • Have you celebrated many anniversaries and long to rediscover that spark?
  • Or do you have a great marriage and want to strengthen it through deeper understanding?

Then the Seven Principles Program is for YOU!

Discover how the Masters of relationships handle marriage!


A glimpse into what couples will discover 

Based on more than 40 years of breakthrough research by world renown therapist John Gottman and the Gottman Institute, couples will learn how the Masters of relationships:

  1. Maintain an understanding of their spouse
  2. Create fondness and admiration
  3. Turn towards each other
  4. Accept influence from their partners
  5. Manage conflict
  6. Develop positive sentiment
  7. Create shared meaning and
  8. Support each other’s dreams


Some of the Benefits of Attending the Seven Principles Program 

  • This program is educational, so couples do NOT have to share their personal difficulties. (Phew!)
  • A class environment takes the focus off the couple and onto discovering ways to improve their relationship.
  •  The group setting helps couples understand that they are not alone and that all couples encounter struggles.
  • With everyone’s busy schedules, setting aside a specific time encourages involvement and ongoing participation.
  • For less than the cost of two private therapy sessions, you can learn what really makes love last. 
  • And if further work is desired, couples will have an in-depth understanding to begin a therapy process.



Will you teach this program at our location?
Yes, if an organization such as a church, corporation or association would like to offer the Seven Principles Program to their members then arrangements can be made. See the Contact page for email and phone info.

Does this program include therapy?
No, this program and material presented are for educational purposes only, as are the ideas submitted by the instructor. If at the end of the class a couple wishes to pursue therapy, an appropriate referral will be made.

What are the goals of this program?
The primary goal of this program is to strengthen couple's relationships thereby providing a better foundation for families to grow and prosper. A secondary goal is to foster a sense of community, so that couples understand that they are not alone while working on their relationships.

Must both partners attend the program?
Yes. There are many exercises that the couples do, so both partners need to participate. However, if one partner must miss a meeting, the other partner is encouraged to attend the lecture portion of the session and then use the exercise time to read the Seven Principles book or do a portion of the exercise. 

What if I or my partner don't like to read?
That's okay! The content of the book will be summarized in the class lecture. The book is needed though in order to efficiently complete the exercises. 

Are there some couples that are not appropriate for this program?
Yes. Psycho-educational programs are not appropriate for all couples. Some instances where this program is contraindicated are when: couples are experiencing severe relationship distress, significant emotional or physical abuse, serious emotional or mental health problems, or relationships where one or both partners are actively addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex or other disruptive addictions. 

Why isn't this program offered over a weekend rather than a weekly format?
The advantage to having a weekend format is that it allows participants to set aside only one weekend in their schedules. But the weekend format has many disadvantages that become advantageous in a weekly format. The weekly format benefits are:

  1. Allows couples to gradually incorporate the material into their daily life throughout the weeks.
  2. Allows couples to ask questions that arose during the week after trying out the new skills at home.
  3. Material from the prior weeks are reviewed and relearned. (Repetition is key!)
  4. Couples have the time to read through the book between classes.
  5. And it's sometimes easier to obtain childcare once a week versus an entire weekend. 


interested in the program or want to have the program at your venue? Contact ann below.


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