Logotherapy is a therapy modality used for individual counseling. It employs several interventions to help clients discover the meaning in their lives and to overcome difficulties. Some interventions are: values assessments, de-reflection, paradoxical intent, and Socratic dialogue.

Logotherapy maintains that life has meaning under all circumstances and that meaning can be realized through different avenues.

The first avenue to realize meaning is through Creative Values. Creative values are the way in which we give to the world. This can be through work, art, music, or anything we create, such as a comfortable or cheerful home environment. And it is not so much what we create, rather how we choose to perform the creation that gives meaning. For instance, we can give meaning through our ability to delight in, be precise with, or to be thorough in our work; to relay meaning through the lyrics we put to compositions; or the emotional expression that is conveyed through art. 

The second avenue to realizing meaning is in Experiential Values; what we take from the world or experience in the world. Love is a core experiential value, but other types are experiencing nature, friendships, being a part of a group or family.

Finally, the third avenue may be considered the highest value. An Attitudinal Value is the ability to choose one’s attitude toward situations. When creative and experiential values cannot be realized, attitudinal values remain. For instance, if one has lost their job and hasn't been able to find work, that person can still choose the attitude he or she takes toward the situation and in that attitude realize meaning.