Abortion is such a secret in this country and it's exactly that secret that harms so deeply. Abortion affects not only the women who have had an abortion, but everyone involved - a loving parent or relative who thought they were helping their child make the best decision, a lover or husband who went along with the decision because they thought it best too or because they had no say, and siblings stuck having to live with the effects abortion leaves on mom and dad.  

Find the healing you have been searching for in Pat Layton's  Surrendering the Secret  

Find the healing you have been searching for in Pat Layton's Surrendering the Secret 

While being a residential counselor in one substance abuse treatment facility, only two of the women I counseled in a year had NOT had an abortion. Each one of the women that had an abortion told me that decision was part of what they were trying to escape  through their drug and alcohol use. 

Many women say they have no emotional or physical effects from abortion, especially in the beginning because there is relief from no longer being pregnant and all of the issues surrounding a pregnancy. But later, sometimes decades later, the meaning of having that abortion changes and with that many emotional issues can arise.

One couple came to me for marital problems after having a grand child that died. For those who have experienced an abortion, events like these can ignite emotions such as grief, guilt, and shame that have been lying dormant buried beneath years of denial. 

For some, abortion leaves them feeling worthless, unloveable, unaccepted, and even robs them of their spirituality because of a lie. The lie that abortion is an unforgivable sin. If you have believed that lie there is help! There are resources specifically designed to assist with post-abortion recovery. 

In addition to private counseling with Lasting Love Ministries, in the Frisco area there is LifeTalk resource center. Volunteers for LifeTalk offer a bible study entitled Surrendering the Secret that helps walk those in recovery through understanding how to accept God's forgiveness and to feel His love again! 

And He does love you!! 

To view LifeTalk's location and statistics on the long-term emotional and physical effects of abortion, go to http://www.lifetalkresource.com/2012-10-18-20-17-48/abortion-education.html 

In the Fort Worth area Rachel's Vineyard (http://www.rachelsvineyard.org) offers a recovery retreat. Using a team approach with clergy, counselors, and laity, Rachel's Vineyard offers a weekend of focused healing. 

Whatever avenue you choose, please make the choice to get the help you need to recover from this secret!